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As the name implies, outdoor recreational activities are done outside of a building, in open air. Many indoor sports and games can be played outdoors as recreation (since recreation rules and regulations can be modified). For example, competitive badminton can only be played indoors, however when it comes to recreation it can be enjoyed outdoors even with no centre net or dimension, and the rules can be modified.
Outdoor recreational activity can be played among friends, family members, colleagues or even with strangers. Examples of outdoor recreational activities includes;

1. Playing “TAG”
This is one recreational activity that requires lots of cardiovascular endurance, agility, speed, reaction time and quick thinking. It is a great game to burn calories among individuals. It is usually played by more than 2 people in an open space. One person starts as “IT” (the catcher) and tries to tag another player as they run to avoid being tagged and made the “IT”. Only the catcher “IT” can ta…


As the name implies, indoor recreational activities are usually done within a building and under a roof. It is mostly passive in nature. And usually practiced among family, friends and colleagues.

It is important to note that during competitive sports some recreational games like badminton, table tennis would not be played outdoors but only indoors because of the effect of weather. However during recreation, since there are no specific rules and regulations, it can be played and enjoyed outdoors. Since part of the characteristics of recreation is the fact that it is done during leisure time for fun and enjoyment and there are no monetary rewards attached, competitive sports would be excluded from this list. Example of indoor recreational games n includes;

1. Playing Hide and Seek
This is one game that is really fun to play in a family or especially among young kids. There are two variations to this game.
For the first variation, the aim of the game is for one person to hide in the hous…


Physical Fitness can be defined as the ability to carry out daily activities without having excessive fatigue and still have enough energy for emergencies. Physical fitness can be divided into two components namely;

A.Health-Related Fitness: This can be defined as the physical fitness activities that improve an individual's physical health and quality of life. Components of health-related fitness include; cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

B. Performance-Related Fitness: This can be defined as physical fitness activities to improve performance during games and sports. It is also referred to as skill-related physical fitness. Examples include; agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed.

I Was Up the mountain in Nigeria, West Africa at 6am here

Factors such as age, gender, disability influences physical fitness. For example, the muscular strength of a 5 years old boy would naturally be weaker than t…


As an individual who studied sports in college, here are some useful tips on how to win the Big Brother Nigeria 2019 gameshow.

First, it is important to note that there are two main objectives of the game which is to avoid eviction and somehow get the largest vote on the final day of the competition. So how do you achieve this?

How to Avoid Eviction and Win BBNaija 2019
The Big Brother Nigeria TV show is undoubtedly one of the biggest show in Nigeria today. and it comes with a lot of rewards. For starters, the winner gets $100,000 and also gets fame with it as it attracts lots of viewers across Africa for about two months. Here are some tips on how to avoid eviction and also win the BBNaija 2019 gameshow;

1. Getting Head of House (Hoh)
From the previous edition of big brother Naija, the head of house tend to get immunity which makes him/her escape eviction. This pushes you a step closer to the final as people are evicted out, the number of contestants reduces and this, in turn, improves…