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A sport administrator performs the following functions
Planning: It involves decision policy making. (a) it is the duty of the sports administrator to outline the work in a logical and purposeful way. (b)The method to be used to perfect work should be stipulated. (c) This states that the administrator must understand the aims and objectives of the sports organization and must have for-sight i.e should be able to assess or guess what will happen in years to come.
Amaju Melvin Pinnick (born 1 December 1973), the current president of the Nigeria Football Federation and First Vice President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) as at 2019.

Organizing: It refers to the development of formal structure of operation to be done. The structure will throw other things. ·Various centres for operation – units sub units, divisions etc. ·It should show assignment to specify responsibilities/duties ·It should also show co-ordinating ·Standards expected of workers ·It should show immediate and long …