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How to Ensure Physical Fitness

For an individual to be physically fit, the following boxes should be checked
1. Participate in exercise at least 3-5 times weekly 2. Eat right 3. Stay hydrated 4. Get adequate rest and sleep 5. Ensure periodic medical checkup 6. Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption and other risky health behaviors Exercise is crucial to fitness. Keeping fit helps in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart- related diseases and musculo-skeletal problems.

Walking is one good way of improving your fitness level

According to the Centers for Disease Control, exercise can reduce an individual’s risk of: •Heart disease •Stroke •High blood pressure •Type 2 diabetes •Obesity •Depression •Breast and colon cancer •Osteoporosis, among others
To ensure physical fitness, one must not be sedentary in nature. An individual have to carry out regular physical activities in form of exercise and sports. It has been recommended by the American College of Sports Science and Medicine tha